Curated Stance Club made it out from New Orleans for Clean Culture's 2019 Raceway Festival held on the infield of Daytona International Speedway, and boy were we not disappointed. Florida's car scene has always been one to watch, from rare exotics to the hottest slammed tuners. This show really felt like a local car meet because of all the Florida plates that we saw on the cars in the show. Everyone was extremely polite and welcoming. Did I mention that this is an amazing venue to hold a show as well? 

Below, you'll see some of the many sights of the show and get a feeling for the amazing builds that showed up. We were simply blown away by some of the creative builds and cars you wouldn't expect to see slammed, such as Ford Fusions and a PT cruiser. There's a variety of visions all gathered in one great location, and a true testament to what the car community has truly become.

Please, enjoy the photos and check out the Curated Stance Club after movie of this event linked towards the bottom <3

As I mentioned before, the Florida car scene has always been a notable one. From exotics to Japanese sports cars, they have found a way to lower them all and make them look extremely classy. None of the cars really stood out as something that shouldn't be there. It was in extremely well curated show. The crews that showed up brought out numbers and really tried to establish themselves in the modification community.

The most notable crew that showed out, IN MY OPINION, was Devoted. Devoted has some of the nicest builds and also nicest people. Everyone was willing to tell you more about their car or why they do what they do, it really felt like I saw a family coming to hang out rather than represent in a show (althought they definitely represented) 


     As I mentioned earlier, here is the Curated Stance's after movie of the Raceway Festival. With a slight video game inspiration, we tried to highlight some of the sights and sounds of the event. The gaming aesthetic was simply inspired by the overwhelming surrealism of the event. All of these cars seemed fresh out of someone's Need For Speed garage, and that is the exact reason that I personally love the car modification community. If there is a way that someone visions their car to look, it seems that everyone here has the spirit to go out and make it happen. There isn't many people in the car community that just day dreams about having a nice car. Most of us are actually working hard to make that vision come true and stand out from the crowd. That is why I love this community the most. 

Video courtesy of: Curated Stance Club!



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