I think that it is safe to say that NODRFT has become very dear to me. But to explain, I think I should back track a bit. Drifting has always been apart of my being since I was younger. Whether it was the video games or just watching videos of drifting in Japan online, I have always been fascinated with the sport. I first had the chance to shoot my first drifting event back in 2015 at the NOPI Supershow in Savannah, GA. That was back when I was in school and learning all there is to know about photography.

When I moved back to Louisiana after graduating, I wasn't sure how I was going to find an automotive community to be apart of because I hadn't lived here in years. And then it happened. I stumbled upon NODRFT's EYB 4 (click here to check it out) , and it changed my perspective completely. I was introduced to a community that loved drifting as much as I did, if not more. I saw a group who loved the smell of tire smoke with the same passion of the Japanese racers I watched when I was younger.

Fast forward to 2019 and I've now met some pretty talented photographers and videographers who love creating automotive content as much as I do. Not only is NODRFT home to some of the South's finest grass-root drifters, there's also very passionate automotive content creators capturing the whole thing.

I believe that it's an understatement to say that I love to shoot cars. Something about capturing these vehicles like the sculptures they are really makes me smile. When I began shooting at these events, I felt like I was actually shooting in Forza. All the things I practiced late at night in my room were happening right before my lens.

Ever since then, I've paid attention to the content that comes out after these events and I am always blown away. Hidden on Instagram, are the gems of artists like Allie, Hannah, and many others. I can not let such beautiful photographs of a sport that I love be so unappreciated.

Along with the great photos that surface, there are many creators who have taken the effort to make after movie edits and vlogs to remember the whole weekend. These are the kind of visuals that truly get everyone excited for the next event. I've always believed that these after movies always encourage new spectators to come out and experience all of the fun. Each year these End of Year Bash events get more and more special and I am just thankful to be apart of it all.

Below, I've put together a playlist of some of my favorite videos from End of Year Bash 6. Please be sure to support these creators as well by sharing or liking the video as it shows them that you appreciate the sweat they left at the track to make it for you.


Video courtesy of: Grip Royal

When I think back on why I created this website, I realize that its for this very reason. To shine a spotlight on, what I believe, are spectacular pieces of art work. I would print each on and hang them framed in a gallery if I could but I would be spending quite a bit of money to make that happen. So in this digital age, I've done the next best thing. I hope for this platform to showcase these photos and videos with the same appreciation that went into capturing them.

It's not easy to explain why there is the urge to create inside of an artist. Some paint to release pent up emotions while others stand track side, waiting for that perfect moment to pass. To remember what it felt like to see a driver and machine perform as one for the simple joy of expression.



Thank you for coming this far into the article! I really appreciate it. Below are two galleries containing more photos from both Allie Gautreau and Hannah Duraso respectively. To see more of their work, you can click on their names to be linked to their instagram profiles! Support these artists and all that they do <3 

photos by:


photos by:


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Did you come out to EYB 6? What did you think? And if you didn't come out, are you interested in coming to EYB 7? Let us know below and remember to SHARE THE ARTICLE IF YOU ENJOYED <3


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