Growing up, I enjoyed flipping through magazines such as MotorTrend and Road and Track; but was more interested in modification magazines like SuperStreet and DSPORT. I've always been intrigued by the world of car modification, not only as an enthusiast, but as an artist. Having been a car enthusiast my whole life, I've always wanted to find a way to show appreciation and give back to the culture that I love so much.


     After I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, I began to view the world of automotive modification as a art form that is extremely under appreciated. There are millions of people driving on the roads today and it’s going to continue growing. In the automotive culture, we enthusiasts aim to stand out from the crowd by making our vehicles into something that represents us. 


     While some people decide to make their cars go faster, some focus only on making their car look better. Car modifications, to me, is just another way to stand out from the crowd. For example, every car that comes off of an assembly line looks almost identically the same. Although with the wide selection of aftermarket parts that exist today, that car can become one of a kind. 






Expression is everything in this world. Whether its a custom color of paint for the car or the accenting decals that add flair, car enthusists always find a way to make their cars their own. There are annual car shows and local car meets where likeminded folk gathers together to show off these changes they've made for others to enjoy. 


Although we may not all agree with what the "perfect" build for a car may be, there is an underlying amount of respect that comes with this culture. That's why I believe its super similar to any other art form.


"Art is subjective, building cars is subjective. "


The website you see here actually began as my personal portfolio website. During my senior year at SCAD, I took a course which focused on building portfolios and how to use different content management systems. So after graduating, I kept tweaking my website and kept trying to find ways to make my site stand out from the others.


I wanted my site to have a bit of interactivity to it. I wanted the visitor to become engaged with the photographs through the large parallax scrolling images and elevator-floor style menus, along with other subtle features. Here, the photographs to tell the story rather than the words.


As a photographer, I always thought that online magazines and blogs don't shine enough light on some of the amazing photographs that supplement the stories which people read. Sure, they can click on them and make them larger but I'm sure many visitors just scroll past the images to continue reading.  I want the visitor to be sucked into the scenes and feel apart of the world of car modifications.

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     Many people don't know that I passionately shoot photographs and video even when I don't have a car to shoot. With the updates in technology, video games have now allowed us to shoot from the comfort of our own homes. I play games like Forza Motorsport, Grand Theft Auto 5 and others similar to keep my eye sharp. These games allow me to create new car builds that don't exist in real life, but also shoot photographs that I would never be able to capture otherwise. My favorite thing to do in these games is to try and recreate photographs that I may have seen in a magazine  or on another blog. This exercise allows me to expand my vision more so when I am in a real photoshoot, I have a new set of angles I can try and capture. Its such a valuable tool to have when it comes to trying to stand out from other photographers doing the same thing. Below is a video edit I made of a car in Grand Theft Auto. These type of edits are fun for videographers because it allows us to practice new video editing techniques without having to go out and shoot new footage.

Your turn!

What do you think about the car modifications? What does it mean to you? Let's talk about it down below in the comments! Thanks for reading <3


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AN automotive art form.
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