For those who don’t know, “drifting” is a growing form of motorsports that focuses on sliding a car with control as fast as possible. NODRFT is a New Orleans based drift organization that hosts meets throughout the year to give drivers a safe place to send their cars sliding. Meets are usually hosted at NOLA Motorsport and last almost all day. NODRFT is a great organization because everyone who participates is treated like family. Not just the drivers, but the spectators too. 


Drifting is fairly new to America but has been a huge sport in Japan for many years. This style of motorsports is one of the most beautiful in my opinion. It requires an insane amount of awareness to be able to kick out a car’s rear end and continue to hold it through a corner. On top of that focus, drivers are encouraged to express themselves in the way they drive. Some drivers aim to drift as fast as possible while others may choose to drive slower for more angle through the corner.

The Cars and Coffee meet in New Orleans is sometimes also held at NOLA Motorsport Park, in Avondale, LA. There, other events happen simultaneously. Along with Cars and Coffee, groups like NODRFT are there to hold their events as well. This gives visitors a wide range of automotive fun. 

Cars and Coffee has also become a great place for local dealerships to show off the latest models. I personally believe that this is a brilliant way to connect the car enthusiast with a representative of the company. 

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     Words honestly can't describe the joy that car events bring to me. From casual car meets, car shows, drift exhibitions, or track days; they all bring a smile to my face. These events are usually packed with automotive enthusiasts who supply a magnetic energy that is unlike any other. Conversations are bound to happen when a group of complete strangers gather around one car, admiring all the work put into it. To me, this atmosphere is similar to an art exhibition in a museum.  With so many owners coming out to these events to show off their latest mods, these car meets can entertain both the spectators and the participates alike.


Here is a video recap by Klutch Kickers that I had to share!


Video courtesy of: Klutch Kickers



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