Eugene Rabinovich, also known as Euey Media, is a photographer from Charlotte, NC that first caught my attention on Reddit. The captions on his posts were always polite and he would offered advice to anyone who asked. This kindness always catches my attention because I believe that content creators should always try to encourage upcoming creators.

The only way someone can grow is if there is someone willing to teach.

Euey has a unique way of pushing his exposure that holds my attention. He isn't afraid to push his highlights to the limit, knowing he is able to keep the details where it matters. I noticed these details in this photo series of @bryanxay's Ford. The shape of the monument behind the car doesn't get lost in the bright sky. Some photographers wouldn't mind if background of the car loses detail, but it is noticeable when a creator does care.

I was also delighted to find out that he does all of these fine edits and retouches himself. What I mean by retouches is that he adjusts all of the sliders (brightness, contrast, etc.) to get the photo's lighting and tones the exact way that he'd like. Upon browsing his website, I was lead to this YouTube page which has videos of him doing just that.

As I mentioned before, I am a fan of content creators who are willing to share information to upcoming artists. Euey has a couple videos of his Lightroom process and it gave me a glimpse into how much detail he pays toward his work. For lifting shadows to muting specific tones, he carefully tweaks each photo into the ones presented to you in the end.

I began to look at each photo a bit closer after learning this because I knew that they were crafted with care and detail.

After watching his "Lightroom & Chill" videos, I began to appreciate his attention to detail a bit more. The information that he keeps in his highlights are subtle, and I like that a lot. There are slight features that I enjoy about a photo, like the corner of a building being visible against the sky or the blue gradient of the sky. This amount of care in editing is what can turn a good photo into a great photo.

I hope that you all enjoyed learning about Euey Media and will continue to follow his journey. His passion to shoot leads him to finding more interesting builds to showcase. I am sure that he will find new ways to push his edits and compositions further now that he has begun shooting videos. It is a massive advantage to have mastered composing a photograph, and then take that skill into cinematography.

Thank you for checking out this "One To Watch" about Euey Media. Please check out more of Euey's work on his website. Also, follow his Instagram for more of his amazing automotive content that he shares. Take care!

IG: @EueyMedia



"Continue to grow and exploring new mediums, Euey! I'm excited to see what the future has for you, brother"

-Tajh Bergeron