FJ Films is an up and coming automotive content creator who has been putting in work. His use of color grading and PHONK style songs is pushing the content game in a direction that I love to see. Please take a second to learn more about what he's up to.

First, I'll start by saying that Curated Stance Club takes pride in being a collective of the most passionate automotive content creators. We pride ourselves on the caliber of work that we produce and its always inspiring to come across other creators just as passionate. I personally wanted to take the time to shed a spotlight on FJ Films. I first learned about his work after I shot with Raven in Gatlinburg, TN. Soon after, FJ did a shoot with Raven in Savannah, Ga and this is when I had no doubt that this dude's content was nothing to play with.

Not only was it super nostalgic seeing the streets I used to skate while I was in Savannah again, FJ Films is finding some of the most bad ass builds in the area to shoot with using the Spanish moss as a backdrop. While I was attending SCAD myself, the car scene was nowhere near the quality that it is today. That's why I am super proud to showcase FJ's work. He is actively living the dream I had while I lived there.

That dream is shooting lowered cars in the streets of Savannah.

Here are a couple of FJ's most popular uploads on Youtube. Although these are a bit older, watching these allowed me to understand that he is someone who has been doing this for a while now and is also putting in time to perfect his visual arts craft.

After doing more research into FJ's catalog, I was very pleased to see that he's been shooting everything from solo features to full after movies. I can see influences from Krispy Media and SchwaaFilms, this is a compliment because it shows that he studies. It's always amazing to find a creator who's just as passionate about his craft and is also striving to get better instead of just doing it for money.

I can see the progression of quality in his work.

Similar to how I began to push my use of reversing a clip in an edit to make my personal "stereograph" effect for my edits as a signature style, I can see FJ creating his own distinct editing style that uses color shifts like no other. I am a huge fan of the color grading effects that he's been dabbling with and encourage him to push it even more!

FJ Films is now attending Savannah College of Art and Design himself and it is very exciting to see what he's able to produce when he's pushed more. As I mentioned before, I personally attended SCAD myself and graduated in 2016. Curated Stance Club is a direct result of what that school is able to teach. I started making this website my senior year and I haven't stopped working on it 4 years later.

I am really intrigued to see what he is able to achieve at the end of his college career. He's currently shooting at a level that is professional as is. So, once he gets bored with creating the "generic car music edit" (there's nothing wrong with them, just excited for the evolution), I'm sure his SCAD education will help him create a completely new fusion of inspiration that none of us have ever heard of. The content creator scene need more of drive like this. His work keeps me inspired and I hope that he continues to not only grow as a filmmaker, but as an artist.




Keep pushing, brother. You're doing amazing.


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