Updated: Oct 29, 2020

While thinking about what to say about to H20i 2020, I found myself stumbling upon some of the older after movies. I have to say that it was simply a different time back then. I still remember watching these events while I was at SCAD and dreaming of visiting Maryland for this show.

I won't speak on the event that just passed yet because I see both sides of the fence. While the partying of H20i did get a little wild before this year, the police's impounding and fining has completely been an exploitation of the laws.

But, for now, let's enjoy some of the good ol' days together.

Let's start with 2015, the year of the Hurricane!

This is probably the year that I found Krispy Media. If anything, I'm sure 2014-16 were the years that cemented Krispy as a goat in the automotive content game. This after movie is definitely proof of it!

Another great creator is AxelDigital!

I swear these videos get my blood going! Hopefully, you already see some of the influence that Curated has and why we focus heavily on good visuals. Automotive content is just beautiful pieces of art, in my opinion. Some of the cars that are featured do not exist any more and are almost a time stamp of what was cool at the time.

H20i 2016 presented by Krispy Media.

H20i 2017 presented by SchwaaFilms

H20i 2018 presented by Funky

and lastly, H20i 2019 presented by SchwaaFilms

I hope that while watching these, we can remember what it means to gather to meet like minded people and encouraging the scene to grow. These builds aren't the ratchet, tape-covered rides that seem to be littering the strip these days.

These builds are built with character, and it shows.


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