SoWo is one of the most legendary car meets that come to my mind. I have very fond memories of watching these after movies in my dorm room, dreaming of sitting in the mountains with my own car club. It's an incredible sight to see the niche scene of lowered cars come together for a weekend to show off their latest mods.

I was still in Savannah, Ga for college when these videos were being released and I had never actually been to a car meet like these in person. I had known of the lowered car scene from Super Street and DSPORT magazines, but I had never seen meets like SoWo or H2oi before these movies started coming out. So, I would watch these event after movies as if they were a fantasy experience that only an elite few got to enjoy.

I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to use my photography for when I first arrived at SCAD but watching videos from these meets were almost a sign from the heavens. Seeing these after movies felt like I was watching a new, weird sub-genre of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift movies. Something about coming together with friends to enjoy looking at cars and meeting new buds sounds like the definition of bliss to me. The modifications of these cars, the story of friends getting together for a weekend, and the beautiful mountainous setting fit way too perfectly.

I just thought I'd make a quick post about SoWo (specifically 2015) since I was sitting here having car show withdrawals. :(

For those who look up to my personal work and draw inspiration from anything on this site, I share videos like these to remind you to learn about your role model's role models. Find out what inspired them to be where they are and why they continue to create. This will help you learn your own style of expressing your vision along the way!

Hope that you all feel as inspired by these videos as I continuously do!

Big ups to all the creators of the videos linked in this post. You've inspired me to create the website that you see here today~

Thank you.

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