Riverside Chattanooga is by far my favorite start to the car show season. Hosted in the beginning of March in Chattanooga, TN, RC just had their 4th show. The turnout at these shows are incredible to say that it’s a free event for spectators to come and enjoy. The meet is usually held in the First Tennessee Pavilion and fills both the inside of the Pavilion and the parking lot next to it. Here you will find some of the latest stance builds that have been dying to be revealed all winter. 


     My favorite part about Riverside Chattanooga is that I am able to meet the owners of some of my favorite builds that I find on Instagram. As I said before, this show marks the beginning of the car show season for a lot of owners. Meeting someone at Riverside means that you’re most likely going to see them again at some of the many other shows that happen later in the year. So, it’s truly easy to make friends that you’re most likely going to see again at the next show you go to. 




     After every show, I find myself glued to the tagged page on Riverside Chattanooga’s Instagram page. Not only am I paying attention to all of the content that is coming out from the show, but I’m finding the Instagram pages of many of the cars that show up to the meet. This allows for the best social networking even after the show is over.


     I have found so many talented photographers and videographers as well. I have never been one who wants to be the “best” photographer, but one who loves all photography equally and just want my piece of the pie. I happily hand out the rest of the pie to my fellow content creators who are also covering these events and creating some beautiful images/videos to document it all. 


     Personally, my favorite build of the whole show had to be @rariboix’s slammed Ferrari. This car has to be one of the dream builds of many lowered enthusiasts, not only because it’s an exotic car on classy wheels, but because it shows the level of dedication to the world of car modifications that someone is willing to go through. 


     The average person would probably think that it’s insane to modify a classic Ferrari in the first place, but as an enthusiast, this car is truly inspiring in showing that any vision can be made a reality if you commit to it. Whether it be that someone wants to put a ridiculous motor into a tiny car (LS swapped Honda S2000) or if someone wanted to scrape a timeless Ferrari, Riverside Chattanooga has the inspiration there to let you know that you can make it happen also. 

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    Something about traveling up into the mountains of Tenneseee is the most relaxing thing in the world to me. You have the beautiful landscape along with the peaceful roadtrip up there. What could make it any better? I'll tell you what, a car show with some of the best builds that you'll find around. This is thanks to the great show that is held by Riverside Chattanooga, a car meet / show that is now on its fourth year! Riverside Chattanooga has one of the most loyal turn outs that I've seen to date. I a


     Along with the people, the cars that show up here are spectacular. Many of the latest stance builds show out and give incite into which way the scene is going this year. This year I can say that there was a wide spectrum of builds out there. It wasn’t just all Japanese cars or mostly Euros, there were all sorts of builds so it’s possible for anyone to walk around and find their new favorite inspiration. 



Video courtesy of: DustinLMedia

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