Curated Stance Club loves to find automotive enthusiasts who appreciate everything about the car culture. From drift cars to hot rod street racers, we aim to shed light on all of the many sub-genres of the automotive world today. There are so many stages of a car build where the driver is able to envision something truly unique and make that dream into a reality. It seems like there’s an endless amount of opportunities for someone to express themselves with these modifications. This could be something like putting a nice pair of wheels on your car, to putting an engine from a different car entirely. This has to lead me to fall in love with everything that this culture has to offer. 

     With curated, I hope to shed light on some of these builds while also finding out the creative inspiration for many of the builds I come across along the way. I began shooting automotive photography during college and I also began to meet some amazing people by telling them how much I like their car. The journey started back in Savannah, Ga when I took the chance and planned a "Zombie Apocalypse" themed photoshoot with Patryk (@astro_muffin) and his "Zombie Response Team" Subaru. His build was the first build that I'd seen in person that had so much character. This completely changed my perspective on a car build and how it can be an extension of a driver's personality. I started taking my photos with the same intentions. I want to get to know a person and try and capture the vehicle with the same passion that they had building the car. 

    The slammed car community has its fair share of criticism, many of these cars are built to stand out from the others. This is the beauty of modifying cars to me. Of course, there is an underlying "standard" of what looks good based on the history of the builds that are remembered, but we all aim to express a unique vision at the end of the day. The idea of individuality that exists in the car community is the fuel that makes it special. 



     As a southerner, I've always been taught to respect everyone equally even if I didn't agree with their beliefs. Giving respect is necessary to receive respect. In the car culture, this is not always the case. It's easy for people to fall into the pit of talking about what they don't like about a car or the things that could be changed about it. I believe that we need to remember that all art is subjective. We should try to understand and appreciate a build for its design choices rather than trying to envision how to make it our own. 

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